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With the rapid development of petrochemical industry and plastic industry, indecomposable industrial plastic waste and civilian plastic waste have become the most serious public nuisances. During agriculture production, 1 kilogram fiber waste will be created right after famers produce 1 kilogram food, such as rice straw, rice husk, wheat straw and corn stalk. A great deal of plant fiber waste is processed by burning, which not only waste natural resources, but also result in great damage to the environment.

Regarding material:

Grand Prosperous Plastic Industry Incorporationh keeps trying hard to achieve continuous innovation, carbon reduction, energy saving and green environment protection, investing a lot of funds and resources to turn fiber waste produced during agriculture production into useful renewable energy. Our research achievements are environment-friendly composite materials, such as plastic combined with bamboo powder and plastic combined with rice straw plant fiber, which not only have the gentle sense of timber, but also have better processability, weather resistance, etc. than plastics.

Regarding the products:

We are devoted to develop various indoor and outdoor decoration materials and our vision is to build a pre-fabricated wood villa so as to show the advantages of SEVEN PLUS environment-friendly wood plastics composites under poor environment.