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The weather in Taiwan is very damp, so wood furniture tends to be deformed after absorbing moisture in the air; even worse, it may become moldy and corrupt. Also, some areas in Taiwan are apt to be flooded, and the wood furniture cannot be used again after soaked in the water. If we can use wood plastics composites to replace conventional wood, we will no longer need to worry about our furniture may be deformed or moldy. Wood plastics furniture can be used again after cleaned even if it was soaked in the water.

SEVEN PLUS environment-friendly wood plastics composites (WPC) use wood fiber or plant fiber as reinforcing material or filling material in various ways, which will be compounded with thermoplastic resin and other materials after preprocessed to create a new environment-friendly composites.

SEVEN PLUS environment-friendly wood plastics composites products have the advantages of both wood and plastics, such as better bending strength, water proof, service life, size stability than wood, and better processability, decomposability, weather proof and hardness than plastics. We reuse wood via professional technologies to significantly enhance overall utilization rate of wood; therefore, our products are recyclable, formaldehyde-free and will not result in toxic volatilization or any pollution; thus, our products are new green technology of human-being and permanent environment-friendly building material.

As having the characteristics of both wood and plastics, SEVEN PLUS environment-friendly wood plastics composites overcome the disadvantages of wood, comprising high water absorption rate, inclined to crack, deform or be damaged by worms, but have the advantages that wood fails to have, such like high mechanical performance, light, moisture proof, acid resistance, alkali resistance, anti-corrosion, east to clean, etc. We not only keep trying to develop and innovate our products based our brief-protect natural environment, but also strictly control and manage the raw materials, manufacturing process and shipping of our products for the purpose of providing high-quality green environment-friendly materials for our customers.


Competitive advantages:

  • Fire retardancy: by the test of CNS 7614-1944
  • Anti-skid: as the material has plant fiber, there are many fine capillary holes over the surface to increase the friction of the surface.
  • Moisture proof and water resistance: the products are applicable to permanently humid place and can prevent from being damaged by termites.
  • Not combustion-supporting: the products are not combustion-supporting to open fire, and the fire on the products will automatically be extinct after getting away from fire.
  • Weather resistance: level 4-5
  • Pass Rohs related test.