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Vertical Green Wall Systems

An inch of land in the busy section is worth an inch of gold; therefore, it is very hard to increase parts and green spaces in a city. However, we can green the vertical walls of buildings by "wall greening, indoor greening, roof greening and terrace greening", which not only can help buildings reduce their temperature, achieve thermal insulation and improve heat island effect, but also can enhance the green beautification of the city, purify air pollution and reduce noise…improve the ecological environment quality of cities, beautify city landscapes and change the appearances of buildings

Vertical greening is to choose some slow-growing plants with drought tolerance vermin resistance to serve as a foil to landscape. Via specially designed containers, and rain and remained water collection and recycling system, media with enough bearing power, binding pillar, etc., the beautification and maintenance of vertical greening can be balanced. Now, the management and maintenance cost of vertical greening has been significantly reduced.

Vertical Green Wall Systems Vertical Green Wall Systems Vertical Green Wall Systems Vertical Green Wall Systems