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Analysis of Living Wall Gardens

Environment characteristics analysis of green wall

1. Sunshine conditions: (light strength, light quality, light period)

As far as artificial vegetal wall for a building is concerned, the sunshine conditions are different with the direction of the facade of the building (different sunshine hours, light strength and light quality). If the sunshine is not enough, we need to use artificial light source or introduce light form windows or skylights.

2. Temperature conditions:
The temperature difference of the façade of the building is greater than ground, low and high temperatures need different plants; also, season also influence the growing of plants. Moreover, environment temperature is very important for vertical planting.
3. Wind conditions:
Appropriate winds will increase the photosynthesis speed for plants, reduce the surface temperature of their leaves and help them grow. On the contrary, strong wind will seriously influence the growing of plants, which may make them dry, lower their growing speed, blow them down and damage their organs. In addition, special landform will also influence the strength and direction of the wind; thus, we need to pay more attention to the above problems.。
4. Humidity conditions:
In general, the top of the façade of the building has lower humidity than ground, which will make plant transpiration effect and planting medium evaporation effect more obvious, so we should pay more attention to water supply.
5. Rainfall:
As rainfall will be influenced by wind direction and season, the façade of the building in different directions will have different rainfall. Rain will erode the planting media and increase the burden of drainage system. Acid rain will directly damage plants. If we use recyclable nutrient solution to grow plants, the concentration of the nutrient solution may be influence by rain.
6. Others
We should pay attention to the surrounding environment and other situations of indoor green wall, such like hazardous substances emitted from air conditioner, thermal dissipation water tower and range hood