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Indoor / Outdoor Green Walls

Energy saving and carbon reduction
Nowadays, as the global warming phenomenon due to green house effect and abnormal climate is getting serious, countries around the world pay more attention to ecological environment and take a variety of measures trying to overcome the problem. Accordingly, it has become a trend to reduce heat island effect by greening buildings. We need to propose a green building project to balance urbanization development and ecological environment. The related researches show that it is the most effective measure to higher greening ratio. Therefore, green plants walk into cement buildings to purify indoor and outdoor air has become one of the main subjects of the building landscaping in recent years.

Air purification

Green Space

During the process that green plants perform photosynthesis, they will absorb CO2 by stomas and then turn it into organic acid and carbohydrates to store; therefore, the indoor CO2 accumulation can be reduced. Besides, there are still many advantages, such as negative ions (anions) with sterilization effect generated by leaf transpiration, vapor capable of increasing air humidity, etc. Further, indoor plants can effectively eliminate harmful gases in the air, such as formaldehyde, toluene and the like; still further, most of plants can absorb a great deal of dusts. Many institutes keep researching the air purification ability of plants. In Taiwan, Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture of Nation Taiwan University is commissioned by Environmental Protection Administration to test 50 kinds of indoor plants, and the research result shows that these plants can eliminate about 87% indoor contamination substances.

Environment beautification
There are many cement buildings over the city, people are eager to go back to the nature environment. Foreign researches show that landscapes and buildings blended with green plants can make people more imaginative and happy. Architects and landscape designers often use plants to decorate cement building to make the environment more alive and colorful.