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Management and maintenance - An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Plant domestication-->apply nutrients, disinfecting agents in advance (e.g. milt, seaweed fertilizer, vitamin B, chitin, carbendazim and the like)-->quality control
The plants are already diseased or damaged by vermins.
  • In principle, we need to replace original agents
  • If it is necessary to apply agents, we should choose the agents with higher safety (e.g. pepper water, etc.) or the agents with no color and taste. For example, we can use carbendazim against spiders (mite), and use methomyl against insects (six legs). The necessary dosages of these agents are much lower than household insenticides.
Non-periodic maintenance:
  • Emergency: accidents, water outage, power failure, serious disease or damage by vermins.
  • Natural disaster (maintenance before and after)
Periodic maintenance:
  • Routine examination: check system and plant growing situations and simple treatment
  • Minor maintenance (every 1-2 months): clear system, trim plants, replace and replenish nutrient solutions.。
  • Major maintenance (every 6 months): minor maintenance and piping system clearing