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Floor Trim, Laminate Floor Edging

    Trim strip, floor with I-shaped strip, fans, floor decoration and indoor decoration materials. We use wood powder and plastics as main raw materials. Wood powder cannot unite with plastics; however, we use solvents and other assistant agents to mix them and process the mixture to manufacture products with various shapes via advanced technologies.

    SEVEN PLUS environment-friendly wood plastics products have the advantages of both wood and plastics, such as better bending strength, water proof, service life, size stability than wood, and better processability, decomposability, weather proof and hardness than plastics. We reuse wood via professional technologies to significantly enhance overall utilization rate of wood; therefore, our products are recyclable, formaldehyde-free and will not result in toxic volatilization or any pollution; thus, our products are new green technology of human-being and permanent environment-friendly building material.

  • C033011U Shaped Floor Trim
  • C055011I Shaped Floor Trim
  • B030002Mopboard