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Outdoor / Indoor Living Wall

    There are many cement buildings over a city; thus, if these buildings can perform photosynthesis, they can purify dirty air and absorb CO2 to prevent CO2 from damaging the climate. In general, climbing plants are usually used on green walls; however, Grand Prosperous Plastic Industry Incorporationh improves vertical green walls by advanced technology to make green walls can grow bushes that only can be grown on the ground before, which can make the environment more alive and colorful. Purify air, beautify environment, save energy and decrease carbon emission Effectively eliminate carcinogenic gases, such as formaldehyde, phenol.


    Air purification, Environment beautification, Energy saving and carbon reduction.

    Effectively eliminate carcinogenic gases, such as formaldehyde, phenol.


    Seven Plus Green Wall Features:

    1. Offer the growth element "Air & Water (Fully automatic design)" for the plants.
    2. Easy installation and maintenence.
    3. No mosquito progagation.
    4. Environment friendly, fully automatic, power & water saving.
    5. Diversity & polychrome with the ambient decoration.
    6. Equipped with self water storage, individual water drainage function, which keep the plant for long term and optimal condition.
    7. Diversified green wall & green ceiling arrangement.
    給 / 排水示意圖