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Composite Wood Products

    Excellent Physical Properties Natural Wood-like Texture with Efficient Forming Recyclable and Reusable

    The product features non-combustible, anti-mildew, anti-insect and anti-corrosion performance. It provides excellent stability concerning variation of temperature and moisture content, much better resietance to UV and extreme weather conditions than natural timber.

    It is similar to the texture of wood surface, upon which can be further printed and dyed. It is manufactured the same as plastiv items, facilitating fast mass production.

    The product is made from well-combined wood powder and plastic materials, which can be crushed for reuse - an excellent result that incorporates environmental protection along with the latest technological innovation.

    • Nonflammable / Water-proof
    • Corrosion-resistant / Anti-insect / Anti-termite
    • Weathering-resistant, durable and long lifetime
    • Anti-slipping design in both dry and wet conditions
    • High plasticity for bending at 90-degree angle
    • On a level foundation, flooring can be directly paved without base panel
    • Non-destructive, easy installation for DIY
    • 100% recyclable and reusable, pollution-free
    • Stable and safe, formaldehyde-free


    WPC Series Green Wall Series
    WPC Series Green Wall Series