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Wood Plastic Composites Series

    Wood Plastic Composites : WPC
    Suitable for external and internal building of houses, parks, decoration use, etc.,
    represent the variety and unlimited application of WPC with simple and naturally appeared soundless special language for our green environment. Sustained developing Grand Prosperous Plastic Industry Incorporationh technology is the latest cultural and art decoration building material for environmental protection in 21st century.
    • Corrosion-resistant / Anti-insect / Anti-termite
    • Water-proof
    • Nonflammable
    • Non-destructive, easy installation for DIY.
    • Stable and safe, formaladehyde-free.
    • Cutting, Sawing, Shaving Applicable, Nail Friendly, Paint Applicable.
    • 100% Made In Taiwan.
     Green Building Environment-friendly ProductsWood Products
    Fire Resistance Good - the products have fire retardancy effect. Low fire resistance and high combustion-supporting
    Water Absorption Rate and Corrosion Behavior Lower than 3% - since the products include 60% our unique plastics, they will not absorb water and be corrupt. Although the products have been processed, they will still absorb water and tend to be corrupt due to the nature of wood, which will damage the strength of the products.
    Plasticity High- the appearance of the products can be customized according to the requirements of customers, which can effectively save the raw material and reduce the cost. Low - the products are made by conventional machines, so a lot of raw material will be wasted, which is not environment-friendly and cost-effective.
    Life Service (Anti-aging Properties) Long - weather will not damage the products. Short - compared with dry weather, damp weather will more significantly decrease the service life of the products.
    Cost and Quality Stable and low cost - the raw material consumption for the products can be estimated in advance. Further, the products will be always with high strength and light, even if they are hollow. Different to the kinds of the products, and the quality of the products are hard to control. Also, we cannot determine the status in the interior of wood products just by to their appearance; and they are heavy and apt to crack.
  • Floor
  • Wall Panel
  • Decorative Moulding
  • Skirting Board
  • Floor Trim
  • Corner Posts
  • Pillars
  • Framing Lumber
  • Outdoors